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The Sisters in the Spirit purchased 50 stoles and had the following to say:

"I am so glad the stoles arrived in time for our spring program. It really enriches our presence and our mission."

"Those stoles are well made and really help us to be more uniform. And they arrived so quickly!"

"I have so many stoles at home and I wasn't going to purchase this...now that I see how good they look and how they fit with our colors, I need one right now!"

"This is amazing! The stole captures our logos."

"Wow! I read the significance of the colors in the stole and this is a gift from God! It fits our mission."

Sisters in the Spirit’s mission is to identify, celebrate, energize, and set an agenda to motivate intergenerational black Catholic women to continue to use our talents as women who minister in Church and in society for the glory of God and the spiritual and social liberation of black people.

Sisters in the Spirit of Washington, DC and nearby Maryland

"Thank you so much again for all your support for our club. You're a great communicator with your customers."

Karen Gibson


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