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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of the site?
We want to expose people to the beautiful, colorfully woven, culturally and historically significant Kente clothe from Ghana, West Africa. At the same time we wish to educate people about kente and in the process about Ghana. Finally we hope to utilize some of the earnings to help improve in a small way the life of some Ghanaians.

What is the most important piece of information an internet user should get from visiting your site?
We want the user to simply see the beauty and significance of kente cloth. We want people to see and experience a part of Ghana through its culturally significant kente cloth. Maybe even get the user to travel to Ghana in their mind. At the same time we hope to help Ghana in a small but significant way.

How do take care of my kente?
Kente cloth is usually only worn on formal occasions. I call in the Ghanaian tuxedo. Similar to a tuxedo, machine washing or hand washing is not recommended. Matter of fact, a kente cloth is not supposed to be washed. If you really need to wash it, I would suggest bringing it to a dry cleaner. Hand washing or usual machine washing the cloth will loosen the stitching and weaving. In the past, color dies have also not been color fast so they would blend together and/or fade considerably … that should not be problem with new kente cloth.


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