The weaver did not provide a name for this cloth or design. This is a more simple weave...something I actually learned how to do...mind you I was terrible at it and my consistency was bad...but I did try. The above image is the full stole and the below image zooms closer to the design.   

Individual orders of this stole cost $22, which includes shipping and handling via "normal" postal service within the USA and the $3 toward our scholarships and business loans in Ghana.  If you need express delivery, please contact me at or 415.260.7006

Typically I only carry between 0-10 stoles at one time.  However, these can be ordered and supplied very quickly

A full cloth can be woven in a couple of months time and would cost approximately $400 plus any applicable taxes, shipping, and handling all of which would be charged at cost. Half of the total would be necessary to start the weaving. This is a special order so if interested contact me by clicking here or, if that does not open up a pre-addressed email message, send a email message with the following subject: "Kentesource - Ewe7 full cloth" at