The kente stole you selected is called “Abusua Yedom”. The color of black symbolizes an intensified spiritual energy, communion with the ancestral spirits, antiquity, spiritual maturity and spiritual potency. The color of white, as in much of the rest of world, is associated with sanctification rites, purification and festive occasions. The color yellow symbolizes royalty, wealth, spirituality, vitality and fertility. The symbol in yellow is a chief’s stool. The stool in Ghana symbols pretty much what the colors within this stole symbolize…it is royal, pure, used during festive occasions, and usually an elder with much spiritual maturity is the person that occupies said stole. 

Individual orders of this stole cost $25, which includes shipping and handling via "normal" postal service within the USA and the $3 toward our scholarships and business loans in Ghana.  If you need express delivery, please contact me at or 415.260.7006

Typically I only carry between 0-10 stoles at one time.  However, these can be ordered and supplied very quickly

A full cloth can be woven in a couple of months time and would cost approximately $500 plus any applicable taxes, shipping, and handling all of which would be charged at cost. Half of the total would be necessary to start the weaving. This is a special order so if interested contact me by clicking here or, if that does not open up a pre-addressed email message, send a email message with the following subject: "Kentesource - Ashanti1 full cloth" at